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Image The Girl in the Woods

The Girl in the Woods

Release Date 2021-10-21
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Stefanie Scott, Sofia Bryant, Misha Osherovich, Kylie Goldstein, Will Yun Lee
Directors Jacob Chase, Krysten Ritter, J. Casey Modderno

Carrie is a mysterious warrior who escaped from a cult-like colony that guards the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door in the woods.

1. The Guardian


When a mysterious teen takes refuge in West Pine, a child's otherworldly disappearance strikes fear into the residents of this small mining community.

2. The Door in the Woods


As the Hypnotist hunts for more victims, a dangerous figure from Carrie's past threatens to shatter her new friends' trust in her. Carrie sets aside dreams of escape to save Nolan's missing family before it's too late.

3. The Lure


As Carrie confronts her brutal past, the three teens hunt the Hypnotist into the darkest pocket of West Pine -- risking their lives to try to stop the violent demon.

4. Cracks


A horrifying discovery deep in the mine could lead to dire consequences for West Pine. Nolan reveals a secret. The teens' investigation leads to drunken, music-filled mayhem in the woods.

5. One Door Closes


Carrie squares off against her ruthless former mentor. Nolan wrestles with an unwelcome change. Tasha lands face-to-face with evil itself.

6. Vast Gehenna


Desperate for information on how to close the tear, Carrie returns to the land of nightmares and faces off against the girl she once betrayed. Tasha fights for her life as she's stalked by a relentless monster.

7. Weapon Against the Shadow


An alarming truth about the Bloodherd sets Carrie and Tasha in action, fighting to save their loved ones from the corrupting influence of Gehenna.

8. Angel of the Dawn


With the fate of the town resting on their shoulders, Carrie and Tasha must escape the pursuit of armed disciples, rescue Nolan from the belly of the beast and close the tear before it's too late.