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Image Wagle Ki Duniya

Wagle Ki Duniya

Release Date 2022-01-24
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Comedy, Drama, Family
Stars Chinmayee Salvi, Sheehan Kapahi, Deepak Pareek, Sumeet Raghvan, Pariva Pranati

Three generations of the family live together, who share all their happiness and sorrows. Follow the story of this family as they bring laughter to each other's lives and will make your heart melt. A new generation of the old critically acclaimed show is here to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

1. New Generation Same Happiness


Rajesh calls his parents to tell them that I have fixed the time to move into their new flat in Borivali. Later, Rajesh visits the grocery shop but cannot choose the right coconut. So he calls his mother and Vandana to help him. Soon, everyone enters the new flat, and Rajesh's parents get teary-eyed to see that everything reminds them of their good old times.

2. Shrinivas Has Lost His Sleep


Srinivas cannot sleep as he is missing his old place. He tries doing all kinds of routines, but nothing helps. Rajesh also gets troubled by this and comes up with a heart touching solution that comforts his father and puts him to sleep.

3. Old Possessions - Treasure Or Trash


Srinivas wants to find the content of each of the cassettes that he has got in his collection. He calls Rajesh and texts Sheehan to arrange for a tape recorder to play these tapes. Radhika is grumpy about his habit of keeping old things as she thinks that all of it is useless.

4. Vandana Can't Have Her Morning Coffee


Vandana has been working the entire day and missing upon having her morning coffee as she is occupied with looking after other members of the family. Her efforts seem to go in vain when Atharva returns with a weak report card.

5. Rajesh's Valentine Dinner


Rajesh, along with his family, celebrates Valentine's Day at a fine Thai Restaurant. Rajesh gets tricked by the price of the restaurant menu and ends up receiving a huge cheque. Things get more troublesome for him when his credit card does not work.

6. Society's Faulty Lift


Rajesh and Vandana notice that the lift in their society isn't working properly. Srinivas forgets his phone in the lift and Vandana and Radhika think he is stuck in there, while he is with his grandson playing carrom.

7. Rajesh and His Curd


Vandana has been giving Rajesh a packed curd, which he does not like. When Radhika learns about it she gets perplexed as Rajesh was very fond of curd as a child. Radhika figures Rajesh likes homemade curd and tries to teach Vandana but Vandana feels belittled.

8. Lehenga For Vandana


Jyoti comes to Wagle's house all glammed up and Vandana casually compliments her expensive lehenga. Rajesh thinks Vandana yearns for such a lehenga and with the help of Asha ends up paying for the first copy of a designer lehenga. Meanwhile, Joshipura thinks that Rajesh and Asha are having an affair.

9. Atharva's Punishment


Atharva plays a prank on his vegetarian classmate, by feeding him a chicken sandwich. Rajesh believes Atharva needs to be taught a lesson and gives him a punishment to clean the toilets of his home and school.

10. Rajesh In Police Custody


Rajesh Wagle’s scooter is found at a murder site. The police come to Wagle's house and to everyone’s shock they take Rajesh into police custody. He confesses the scooter was his.

11. Rajesh's Expensive Gift


Rajesh cannot decide on a gift for his friend. Radhika gives him a gift-wrapped box that contains a pressure cooker which was gifted at their wedding. Radhika is unaware that she has accidentally dropped her gold chain in the pressure cooker. Will Rajesh clarify the confusion or will he end up gifting them a gold chain?

12. Srinivas is Diabetic


Srinivas Wagle is diagnosed with high blood sugar, and Rajesh starts keeping a stern watch on his father's diet. When Radhika makes him understand that Srinivas feels helpless as he loves sweets, Rajesh thinks of a way to help his father.

13. Fight Between Miya-Biwi


Rajesh gets incessantly asked questions about his whereabouts by Vandana, which sets him off and they get into a fight. Radhika decides to intervene and shares her wisdom with Vandana; everything she has learned in all these years, living with senior Wagle.

14. The Wagles Locked Outside Their House


Forgetful Radhika and Srinivas are locked outside their house. The locksmith suggests that the lock needs to be broken. Atharva gets an idea and implements it without sharing it with anyone.

15. Family Goa Trip Cancelled


Rajesh finds out that his fixed deposit of rupees 2 lakhs has matured and he plans a family holiday to Goa. However, Rajesh accidentally trips over Atharva's skateboard and sprains his ankle. The family decides to bring Goa to Mumbai by dressing up in Goan clothes and creating a lively atmosphere around Rajesh to cheer him.

16. Rajesh's Dental Woes


Rajesh has severe pain in his tooth, but he is scared to visit the dentist. Vandana and Radhika try different home remedies to ease his pain. However, Rajesh realizes that these home remedies have sealed his mouth tightly.

17. Father vs Daughter


Rajesh makes the mistake of provoking his daughter by telling her he is better than her because he is a man. She challenges him to a fair man-to-woman badminton match to put an end to the debate.

18. Rajesh Declares A No Gadget Weekend


Everyone has to stay locked in a room when a beehive gets disturbed. Rajesh thinks this will be a good opportunity for the family to bond with each other and declares that no one will use their electronic gadgets.

19. Srinivas Finds An Old Letter


Men have never been able to figure out what a woman wants. Will Srinivas and Rajesh be able to figure it out?

20. Sweet Child Of Vandana


After Vandana gets irritated by Atharva's antics, he finds a way to make her smile.

21. Women's Day Party


Rajesh takes his father to a medical camp in Igatpuri, which turns out to be a pleasant experience for him. Meanwhile, Vandana throws a party but doesn't invite Radhika. How does women's day turn out for the women of the family?

22. The Lost Money


Rajesh finds twenty thousand rupees and makes it his life's purpose to return the money to its owner.

23. World's Best Dad


Srinivas is proud to show off his trophy to the rest of the family. Unfortunately, the trophy breaks and he has an emotional breakdown.

24. Shivratri At Wagle's


The kids want to go on a trip to Ajanta Ellora caves, but Vandana wants them to attend the Jagran. Rajesh comes up with a way to make the pooja fun and memorable.

25. Trying Times For The Family


As expenses and prices keep rising, it becomes difficult for Rajesh to keep his family happy. However, these tough times won't stop them from loving and caring for each other.

26. When Rajesh Needed His Family


After Rajesh loses his job, his parents and children come up with ways to cheer him up and become a pillar he can lean on.

27. Baba Ka Coat


Radhika and Vandana, being the good citizens they are, plan to donate some clothes to the needy. However, their good deed becomes a nightmare for Srinivas.

28. Rajesh's Stock Market Adventure


When Rajesh struggles to make ends meet, he decides to invest money in the stock market. However, things do not go exactly how he envisioned and he loses his sleep over it.

29. Vandana's COVID Scare


Vandana is excited about attending her friend's wedding in Pune. However, all her plans may need cancelling as she catches a severe cold and cough.

30. Channelling Atharva's Energy


After Atharva talks back to his mother, Rajesh steps in and puts him in his place. Rajesh feels that he has to find a way to channelise Atharva's energy.

31. Importance Of A House Wife


After everyone takes Vandana for granted, Rajesh comes up with a fun game to keep a track of the daily chores everyone does for each other.

32. Vandana's Matrimonial Profile


Rajesh and Vandana discover that someone has made a profile with Vandana's details on a matrimonial website. Soon, she starts receiving calls from men with marriage proposals.

33. Sakhi Brings Home A Friend


Sakhi has a cool friend named Vivaan who comes home to teach her salsa. Rajesh, being a possessive parent, keeps an eye on him. Will Rajesh accept his daughter's friend?

34. Vaccinating Srinivas


Srinivas is sceptical regarding the covid vaccine and denies taking the dose. Everyone tries to trick Srinivas to get the vaccine shot. Will he agree to take it?

35. The Holi Horror


Rajesh reaches home to find Atharva already in the spirit of Holi that makes him and Vandana furious. Later, strange things happen around the society where people are assaulted if they are preparing for Holi.

36. Who Is The Culprit?


Everyone tries to enjoy the Holi celebration as an unknown person is trying to spoil all the fun by assaulting innocent residents.

37. Kya Khana Hai?


Atharva impresses his mother with his smart deductive abilities. However, she gets annoyed when she asks everyone about what they want to eat. They have the same reply that does not help Vandana at all.

38. Know Your Limits


Rajesh plays pranks on everyone on account of April Fool's Day. However, he is taken for a surprise when a showbiz company plays a prank on him that scares the wits out of him.

39. Nagarsevak


Srinivas comes across a pothole made on the road by a political party and notices a man falling into it. Agitated by this, he posts it on social media. What will happen now?

40. Radhika And Vandana's Ad Shoot


An ad agency coordinator comes across Radhika and Vandana at a mall and it seems both the women are exactly what she is looking for. They get excited to know that they will be sharing the screen with Aryan the superstar. Will the shoot be as exciting as they expect?

41. Vandana's Next Opportunity


Radhika and Vandana discover that the only thing visible in the ad is their hands scrubbing the dishes. The ladies are extremely upset and the men find it hilarious. Later, Vandana accepts Arnav's offer to work on a show.

42. Vandana Scammed


Vandana, hard at work cooking food for everyone, does not realise that she is sharing the OTP with a fraud. Rajesh gets extremely angry at Vandana, who also feels guilt-ridden. Will they manage to catch the fraud?

43. Rajesh's First Crush


Rajesh is reminded of his first crush, Madhura, who he fondly called Sakhi. After everything that has happened, Vandana and the kids feel that Rajesh should talk to her. How will Rajesh decide to deal with his past?

44. Rajesh's Childhood Library


Rajesh learns that the library that he had spent most of his childhood in, is getting sold off. He also observes that his kids are least interested in books and lack cultural knowledge. He takes this opportunity to do something heartwarming for the kids and society.

45. Trouble At The Resort


Rajesh takes his family to a resort for a vacation. However, Atharva still manages to spoil the mood with his tantrums. Rajesh comes up with a plan to teach him some manners.

46. The Game Of Survival


Rajesh explains the rules of the game they will play at the resort. Everyone gets into the spirit of the game and learn a valuable life lesson in the process.

47. All Rules And No Fun


Joshi arrives at the resort and starts imposing his rules and regulations on Rajesh and the hotel's management. Rajesh, at his wit's end, plans to chase him out of the resort.

48. Sending Joshi Home


Joshi is still running around the resort and altering all the plans to his liking. Rajesh finally manages to get rid of him so they can celebrate Vandana's birthday as per their liking.

49. Vandana Loses Jyoti's Jewellery


When Jyoti opens her jewellery box, she finds that her expensive earrings are missing. Since they were under Vandana's care, she feels guilty about losing them. Will Rajesh and Vandana manage to find the culprit?

50. Nowhere To Go


Rajesh tries to help a couple who are visiting the resort for their wedding. However, Joshi isn't liking anything about their situation. Will Rajesh manage to find a way to help them?

51. Atharva Is Not A Wagle?


Everyone constantly troubles Atharva and makes him feel unwanted. Atharva gets sad and starts to believe that he is not a part of the Wagle family.

52. Atharva Meets His Family


Atharva is told that he is adopted but, everyone has always given him the love and affection that any son deserves. He discovers the truth about his real family and accepts them with all his heart.

53. Mini Lockdown At The Resort


After multiple spotting of snakes at the resort, Joshi imposes a lockdown. Later a snake charmer is called with the hopes of capturing the snakes.

54. Staying Healthy


Everyone gets into vacation mode and enjoys all types of unhealthy food at the resort. Vandana takes it upon herself to make sure that Rajesh stays healthy by eating a proper diet.

55. Vandana The Chef


Rajesh gets excited to find that the quality of food at the resort has improved. Soon, Rajesh starts to investigate the reason for this improvement.

56. Power Cut At The Resort


Sakhi's Nobel project, which is due by the end of the day, is interrupted due to a power outage at the resort. This does not stop her from completing the project.

57. Raaz Chupane Ki Saajish


With everyone's morale running low Rajesh and Vandana plan to throw a special party. However, Joshi is deadset to find out what Rajesh and Vandana are planning.

58. Atharva's Ultimatum


Atharva gets extremely annoyed by how his parents treat him. He asks them to decide whether he should behave like a child or as an adult.

59. Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni


Rajesh accepts Atharva's challenge and both begin their mind games to win the competition. Both father and son go beyond limits to prove that they are right, but everyone learns a valuable lesson by the end of it.

60. Celebrating Atharva's Success


Jyoti invites everyone to her wedding anniversary, but there are some terms and conditions applied. Later, Atharva reveals that he has done well academically and Rajesh thinks it calls for a celebration.

61. Jyoti's Secret


Vandana discovers Jyoti is having late-night conversations with someone else. Is there someone in her life?

62. Rajesh And Vandana's Fight


In the middle of Jyoti and Harshad's crisis, Rajesh and Vandana bring out their issues in front of everyone. What could be the reason behind this outburst?

63. Food Smuggling


Rajesh finds out that the resort's staff has been smuggling food out of the resort. Find out how this mystery ties up to the knot on Vandana's dress.

64. Atharva's Rich Dreams


Atharva gets tired of adjusting to a sub-standard life which infuriates his mother. He believes that when grown-ups do not have the answers to their questions they tend to over-react. Will Vandana manage to teach him the real meaning of happiness?

65. The Joy-O-Meter


Vandana promises Rajesh that she will use a tactic similar to him to teach Atharva an important life lesson. She gives Atharva an instrument to play whenever he feels happy.

66. Sakhi Ki Zidd


Sakhi thinks she is old enough to try new things and experiment in her life. Will Vandana and Rajesh manage to stop her from making any mistakes?

67. The Ladies Night Out


Dakshesh and Harshad trouble their wives to the extent that they decide to have a ladies night. The men get curious to know what their wives are talking about and spy on their conversation.

68. Women United


The ladies discover the phone that their husbands planted and make a pact to never reveal their discussion to them. The husbands use all the tricks so they can get their better halves to talk.

69. The Cycle Race


Rajesh and Harshad get into an argument about who is a better cyclist. They decide to have a race and settle the debate once and for all.

70. The Warriors Are Ready


Vidyut and Rajesh are against the competition as it has taken the fun out of cycling. However, Atharva and Harshad are excited about the war and demand an expensive new cycle if they win.

71. Atharva Won't Back Down


Atharva has trouble accepting defeat and gets upset. He resorts to physical violence that results in both families turning against each other. Will Rajesh manage to resolve the matter?

72. Jyoti's Secret Courier


Jyoti requests Rajesh to deliver a suitcase back to her home in Mumbai. Everyone is shocked when they see the contents in the case.

73. Role Reversal


Everyone gathers at the resort to play a game. Rajesh suggests that they play a game of "What-If'.

74. Helping Rajesh Meet Monica


Rajesh is anxious to meet Monica and rectify his mistake. Everyone at the resort decides to help him reach his school friend.

75. Sakhi's New Obsession


Rajesh and Vandana notice drastic changes in Sakhi's behaviour at the resort. How will Rajesh help Sakhi to be happy again?

76. The Best Friend Day


Everyone celebrates the day by reconnecting with their best friends. However, Rajesh is upset as he is not in touch with his closest friend.

77. Atharva's Nightmares


Rajesh has trouble sleeping due to Atharva's nightmares. Sakhi plans to counsel her brother before Rajesh calls for professional help.

78. Harshad's Trick


Harshad teaches the kids a trick that angers Rajesh. The Wagles, upset from this, decide to skip dinner with everyone. Will their friendship end for good?

79. Vandana's Headache


Vandana has been experiencing a severe headache that has troubled her for several days. Afraid that it might be something serious, she consults a doctor through an app.

80. Vandana Unwell


Vandana keeps drowning in the false information that is available in abundance on the internet. Rajesh supports her at this time and makes her see the light.

81. Fish Pond Ka Raaz


Vandana gets everyone excited about playing a game of fish pond together. The game brings some buried secrets out in the open.

82. Atharva's Lottery


Atharva and Vidyut find ten thousand rupees at the resort and plan to treat themselves. Rajesh stumbles onto their party and decides to teach them some morals.

83. Vidyut's Tragedy


Atharva finds out a sad story about Vidyut and seeks help from Rajesh. They confront the resort's owner, who makes their trouble double.

84. Rajesh's Chipkoo Movement


Rajesh bands everyone together for a chipkoo movement to save the trees from the owner's plan. When things start to look grim, Rajesh and Vandana come up with another plan to motivate everyone.

85. Yoga Day


Everyone at the resort gets ready for Yoga day. Rajesh teaches the importance of Yoga to Atharva. How does this fitness enthusiasm go for the Wagles and their neighbours?

86. Sakhi's Crush


Sakhi meets Randeep Walia at the resort, who is shooting for a TV show. When Rajesh discovers that they are spending time with each other, he does what any protective father will do.

87. Sakhi In Distress


Randeep takes a distressed Sakhi to his room to spend some time. When Rajesh reaches Randeep's room he finds something very shocking.

88. Getting Older


Soon after Rajesh finds a picture of his favourite actress getting older, Vandana finds a grey hair. How will the couple adjust to getting older?

89. Atharva's Silence


Atharva, whose mischiefs have tortured the entire society, decides to keep quiet. His behaviour has his family worried.

90. Atharva's Demands


Atharva sees Vidyut get a resort membership and asks for the same from his parents. Vandana is completely against the idea of bending down in front of his demands but Rajesh considers buying him the membership.

91. Vahem Hota Hai


The manager informs about the paranormal activity that has been going on inside room number 13. Rajesh decides to check it out with Harshad and Dakshesh.

92. Rajesh Faces Bhootni


Rajesh regrets taking the challenge to prove about ghosts. Will he manage to find out the truth about the ghost?

93. The Missing Masala


The first rain at the resort calls for a joint tea party. When Dakshesh finds out that the tea masala is missing, he begins his investigation.

94. The Ideal Son


Rajesh worried about his parents, meets an old couple in the resort. He goes out of his way to help them, not knowing they are hiding something.

95. Rajesh Helps Mr and Mrs Dev


Rajesh asks for twenty-four hours from the old couple to find a way to help them. Later, the old couple goes missing, and everyone searches every corner of the resort for them.

96. Swimming Pool Ke Maggarmachh


Harshad and Dakshesh decide to take a dip in the swimming pool. The police arrive at the pool and apprehend them for breaking the COVID regulations.

97. Rajesh Angry With Harshad


Rajesh expresses his anger towards Harshad for his behaviour around children. He calls everyone and tells how children get easily influenced.

98. Qissa Fatte Joote Ka


Rajesh, Harshad and Dakshesh agree to race for the last piece of pastry. Rajesh's shoe gets torn and the story takes an interesting turn.

99. Resort Se Vidaai


The news of the lockdown getting lifted spreads quickly. Everyone tries to come up with an appropriate amount to tip the resort's staff.

100. Anjaane Aaye Ghar Pe


Rajesh and his family finally arrive at their flat in Mumbai. With them, a few masked men with an evil agenda also enter into their society.

101. Catching The V Gang


The robbers' terror keeps growing in the society. Everyone decides to band together with the police to end their schemes once and for all.

102. The Robbery Suspects


The police start apprehending suspects so they can be questioned. Will the culprit be caught?

103. Angry Young Man


Atharva talks rudely to his father. Rajesh gets angry and plans to do something about it.

104. A Shocking News


Rajesh has an intriguing customer at his office. Vandana receives a letter that delivers a piece of shocking news.

105. Anhoni Bani Aafat


Rajesh informs everyone about resigning from his job. Vandana hides a fact from Rajesh that comes back to haunt the family.

106. Surprise For Rajesh


Rajesh's family asks him to calm down and tackle one problem at a time. Meanwhile, Rajesh's new boss is preparing to surprise him.

107. Rajesh's Decision


The new CEO permits Rajesh to take an important decision for himself. Vandana asks Dakshesh a question that leaves him speechless.

108. Late Lateef


The Wagles get invited to an engagement ceremony. Rajesh plans to reach on time and change his image of never being punctual.

109. Hichki Ka Raaz


The Wagles begin their day with Sai Aarti as they celebrate Guru Purnima. Rajesh believes that there exists a mystery behind his unstoppable hiccups.

110. Rajesh Ki Hichki


Dakshesh tries to find a way to help Rajesh with his hiccups. Atharva tries to act smart, but Rajesh sets up an intricate plan to teach him a lesson.

111. Repairs At Sai Darshan


The construction men working on Rajesh's building have everyone worried. How will Rajesh react when he finds out that they are disrupting his family's privacy?

112. The Peeping Tom


One of the construction workers peeps into Sakhi's room. She gets angry when Rajesh and Vandana decide to double-check the situation before escalating the situation.

113. The Ageing Parents


Rajesh requests his mother to get a proper medical check-up done. However, Radhika is adamant that she is fine and she ends up making her problem worse.

114. The Conjunctivitis Outbreak


Harshad has to go to his cousin's place alone as Vidyut acquires conjunctivitis. The members of Sai Darshan get scared of Vidyut's condition.

115. Vidyut Opens Up


Vidyut shares the truth with Rajesh, and Vandana, and the real reason behind him avoiding his uncle. This shocks the couple. What did Vidyut say?

116. Harshad Gets To Know


Harshad gets to know about his friend and his horrendous acts. Will he believe the society members or take his friend's side?

117. Little Things In Life


Senior Wagle teaches a life lesson to his son and asks him to appreciate every moment as if it was the last. Rajesh takes the cue and decides to surprise his father with a gift. What did Rajesh get?

118. The Garbage Man


Harshad has an issue with the garbage man using the lift in the society while the garbage man refuses to use the stairs. How do the society members come to a conclusion?

119. Papa Ko Mat Batana


Rajesh gets worried when he comes home in an inebriated state and worries that senior Wagle will find out that he is drunk. Will he be able to hide his secret from his father?

120. Kab Tak Chupega Raaz?


Everyone gets involved in the act of trying to hide Rajesh's drunken state from his father. But wherever there is Dakshesh, nothing works according to plan.

121. Teesri Leher


Radhika's secret plan of going to her village's temple to feed the poor scares Rajesh. He is worried that the third Covid-19 wave might hit, and going there would put everyone's lives at risk.

122. Sakhi Ka Kamra


Sakhi visits Anvita's house for a night stay to complete a project and is fascinated by her personal space. On her return she requests a room from her parents.

123. Sakhi Learns A Life Lesson


Sakhi gets stuck in a slum during heavy rainfall and learns a valuable life lesson.

124. Remembering Freedom Fighters


Atharva gets a project from school to make a presentation on freedom fighters and independence day. He asks Sr. Wagle for help because he wants to do something unique. What lesson does Atharva learn along the way?

125. Vandana With A Baby


Rajesh and Vandana think they are pregnant with a child. The pregnancy scare makes them reevaluate their choices and decisions.

126. Vandana's Doctor Visit


Vandana and Rajesh visit a gynaecologist for her check-up. All the members of the family give their support to Vandana and promise to care of her.

127. Lag Gayi Shart


Atharva and Rajesh get into an argument about who contributes more towards the household. Who will win the gentleman's challenge to prove their contribution to the family?

128. Rajesh And Atharva's Challenge


Rajesh and Atharva are zealous to prove that one is more hardworking than the other. They work harder and smarter than ever before to win the challenge.

129. Radhika Misses Her Brother


Srinivas scolds Radhika for planning to visit her brother, who insulted the family during Rajesh's wedding. Rajesh comes up with a plan to ease the tension in their relationship.

130. Anna In Mumbai


Anna arrives in Mumbai a day earlier to surprise everyone. How will Rajesh handle the situation after making those calls to him?

131. Anna Meets Srinivas


Anna, after reaching Mumbai, immediately wants to meet his brother-in-law. How will Srinivas react when he finds out that he has been betrayed by his son?

132. Rakhi Mein Archan


Radhika and Anna reunite after 18 long years. Will they celebrate the occasion of Rakshabandhan without any hurdles?

133. Anna Prepares For Departure


Rajesh, feeling guilty about the situation, helps Anna to prepare for his departure. Will Rajesh find a way to mend Anna and Srinivas' relationship.

134. Janmashtami Jagran Preparation


All members of the society gather to prepare for the Janmashtami celebration. The police, in an angry mood, arrives at Harshad's house.

135. Rajesh And Gang Arrested


Rajesh and his group of friends get locked up by the police for gambling. They ask the police for a phone call. Will they manage to get out?

136. Kitchen Ka Kaam


Rajesh takes up the role of helping Vandana in the kitchen but ends up becoming more of a liability than a help. How will this experience change Rajesh?

137. Learning How To Cook


Senior Wagle gets hurt by Radhika's words and takes cooking lessons. Will he be able to master this art?

138. Insurance Policy


Rajesh misses his Mediclaim premium because of the pandemic. When he goes to the company's office, he finds out that around 1500 people faced the same fate as him. He decides to take things into his own hands and make sure everyone gets justice.

139. Atharva's Results


Atharva is upset about his results and blames his teacher for it. How will the Wagle Parivaar deal with this new issue?

140. Vandana Challenges Atharva


Atharva breaks a vase and, to make him realise the value of money, Vandana challenges him to earn a hundred Rupees by the end of the day. Atharva accepts the challenge but doesn't know what to do to earn it. Vidyut has an idea. Will the kids fall prey to fraudulent schemes as most people do?

141. Atharva And Vidyut's Obsession


Atharva and Vidyut are obsessed with earning through playing games online. They decide to bet higher since Atharva keeps winning. Will the boys realise their mistake and exit the never-ending loop of gambling for more?

142. Rajesh Faces The Consequences


Rajesh recites his address and repeats the task to be done out loud in a public space. Vandana gives away the money to a man called Suresh who is supposed to collect the envelope. Sometime later, another man claiming to be the real Suresh arrives at the Wagle residence. What will happen next?

143. Rajesh's Proposal For Ganesh Chaturthi


The Ganesh Chaturthi preparations are on. Rajesh has a suggestion to propose to his neighbours. What is his thoughtful idea for Ganesh Chaturthi?

144. The Actors Are Injured


Rajesh's attempt to have a drama has been put on hold since the actors meet with an accident. What will Rajesh do to put his plan back on track and restart the preparations for the festival?

145. Kiara Lashes Out At Rajesh


Rajesh has stayed up late to finish work, nevertheless, his boss, Kiara, scolds him the following day for defaulting in his work. Rajesh lets things go for the moment because he needs to perform at the play. By the end of the play, Rajesh realises an important lesson.

146. Rajesh Prays To Find The Way Forward


Kiara's behaviour towards Rajesh makes him want to take a stand for himself. Rajesh prays to Lord Ganesh, asking him to show the way. Will Rajesh's prayers be answered?

147. Vandana's Day Off


Vandana has already planned her day off from the house chores since Rajesh has to leave town for an important office meeting. Will Vandana's plans be foiled?

148. Komal Loses Consciousness


Vandana gets overwhelmed by the responsibilities at home without Rajesh. When Komal faints, Vandana steps up to help her in the best way possible.

149. Vandana's Challenges


Vandana has to jump through hurdles to get Komal to the hospital. She later finds that there is a bigger challenge waiting for her at the hospital.

150. Rajesh's Superpowers


Atharva believes that Rajesh has acquired superpowers. All of Rajesh's friends try to discover his secret.

151. Atharva Ka Super DNA


Atharva gets convinced that he has superpowers just like his father. Rajesh decides to help Atharva get rid of his obsession with superpowers.

152. Sakhi's Exams


Sakhi does poorly in her exams and decides to skip her next test. Her family and friends try to help her face the examination.

153. Radhika Ki Aan Baan Shaan


Rekha, the maid that used to work at Radhika's house, shows up at the Wagles' house. Radhika gets jealous when she sees Rekha dressed as a queen.

154. Doosro Ki Khushi


Rajesh and Vandana dislike how Radhika feels about her maid. The Wagles finally discover the secret behind Rekha's riches.

155. Double Bill Se Trouble


Rajesh gets shocked to find out that his monthly electricity consumption has doubled. He puts new rules and regulations in place to control the cost.

156. Electricity Troubles


Atharva and Vidyut decide to keep everything a secret until they find a solution. Dakshesh and Rajesh give Harshad a lecture about tampering with the electricity meter box.

157. Atharva's Secret


Everyone finds out what Atharva and Vidyut have been up to all this while. How will Rajesh and Harshad handle the situation?

158. Sakhi's Opportunity


Sakhi gets an opportunity to speak about Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday. Rajesh tries to inspire Sakhi to take on this project seriously.

159. Sacch Bolne Ki Kasam


Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, the Wagles decide to speak only the truth for an entire day. Will this experiment backfire on the family?

160. Rajesh Joins Classes


Rajesh encounters new challenges in his upgraded work environment. He decides to take online classes with Atharva to acquire a new skill.

161. Triple Treat Formula


Rajesh's friends make fun of him for taking online classes and believe that he will not learn anything. Will he persevere and succeed in solving the problems at work?

162. 40's Is The New 20's


Vandana scolds Dakshesh and asks him to stop bothering Rajesh, who is busy with the coding classes. Rajesh, with all the studying, starts missing his college days.

163. Dakshesh Ki Duvidha


Harshad notices that Dakshesh appears to be behaving out of character. Harshad and Rajesh decide to let their wives help the Joshipura family.

164. Harshad Ki Chaal


Rajeev feels uneasy letting Sakhi go for the Garba Night with her friends. Harshad comes up with a plan for all of Rajesh and Dakshesh's problems.

165. Sai Darshan Mein Chori


Srinivas arranges some pretty dresses for Sakhi to wear for Garba Night. Rajesh has second thoughts about spying on her daughter.

166. Pehla Pehla Pyaar


Harshad puts on a disguise and spies on Sakhi for Rajesh. However, he meets an old acquaintance at the Garba night, who sidetracks him from his spying mission.

167. Rajesh Ki Safai


Vandana and Jyoti get worried about their husband's shady behaviour at the Garba night. All members of the Sai Darshan society confront Rajesh and Harshad about their actions.

168. Dada Ki Dharohar


When Srinivas brings up the topic of updating the will, his choice of words does not sit well with the women of the family. How will Rajesh bring the family back together?

169. Dharohar Hoti Kya Hai?


The women of Sai Darshan society band together to learn more about their heritage. Atharva and Vidyut make it their mission to help their mothers.

170. Nakli Note


Rajesh helps a guy who needs change for a two thousand rupee note. When he finds out that the money is fake, he tries to get rid of it.

171. Bharose Ka Test


Vandana convinces Jyoti and Yamini to invest in Sonalee's scheme. Rajesh gets annoyed when he discovers that he can't help his colleague as Vandana has given the money to a possibly fraudulent scheme.

172. Sonalee Ka Jaal


Rajesh gets extremely angry at Vandana for trusting a stranger with their money. Vandana sends a heartfelt voice note to Sonalee, hoping she understands the error in her ways.

173. Saving Sonalee


Sonalee gets in trouble after returning Vandana, Jyoti and Yamini's money. Vandana decides to save Sonalee from trouble by any means possible.

174. Vandana's Snoring


Rajesh has trouble sleeping, as Vandana has started snoring. Will he manage to find a solution without hurting his wife's feelings?

175. Karva Chauth Ki Tayyari


Radhika prepares special food for Vandana as she is planning to fast for 'Karva Chauth'. Sakhi decides to fast this year but, she keeps it a secret from her family.

176. Rajesh Ka Shak


Sakhi puts up an act to hide the fact that she is fasting. Rajesh starts developing a hunch that Sakhi is hiding something.

177. Sakhi's Secret Comes Out


The family gets to know that Sakhi has been fasting for someone. Who is it and will Rajesh and Vandana be okay with their teenage daughter fasting?

178. Radhika's Pink Chappal


Radhika wears someone else's footwear after her footwear gets stolen from the temple. All women at Sai Darshan fall in love with this new pair of pink chappals.

179. Chappal Ka Qissa


Radhika gifts the footwear she got from the temple to Vandana. How will Vandana feel after she finds out the truth about this pair of footwear?

180. Vandana's Cooking


The Wagles fall in love with the South Indian feast that Jyoti has prepared for them. However, Rajesh and Atharva's remarks hurt Vandana.

181. Vandana Ka Medu Vada


Vandana gets annoyed at the fact that a simple dish like 'Medu Vada' has caused her such a headache. Sakhi and Atharva help Vandana to prepare the best version of the dish for Rajesh.

182. Atharva's Rap Videos


Vidyut helps Atharva to make rap music videos. Will his rap career kick off?

183. Atharva's Video Bombs


Atharva gets upset when his video doesn't do as well as he had expected. Will this be a life lesson for him?

184. Diwali At The Wagles


The Wagles are ready to host the Diwali celebrations. Sakhi comes up with an idea to brighten everyone's night.

185. Diwali Ka Bonus


While everyone is busy getting ready for the celebrations, Rajesh finds a solution for not receiving the Diwali bonus at work.

186. Kripa Aur Sanskaar


When everyone gathers to enjoy a feast, Rajesh gets a troubling phone call. Radhika bands everyone together to complete Rajesh's order.

187. Haar Ka Haqdaar


Everyone gathers for the Diwali pooja and to exchange gifts. They are surprised to find an expensive necklace amongst the gifts. Who does this necklace belong to?

188. Doosri Vandana Kaun?


Everyone sets out in search of the other Vandana Wagle. What will their search yield?

189. Drainage Choked


The drainage pipe of the Sai Darshan Heights Society gets choked. Everyone gets annoyed and tries to find a solution for their bathroom needs.

190. Baap-Bete Ka Naya Formula


Rajesh learns a new dirty trick from his colleague and starts implementing it. Atharva picks up a new hobby as he wants to impress a girl.

191. Baap-Bete Ki Museebatein


Rajesh makes an excuse to return the brand new shirt that he bought online. After Atharva trips and hurts his ankle, Sara makes sure to help him get back on his feet.

192. Vandana's Timetable


Vandana gets irritated with the lack of organization and respect for time in her family, so she decides to set up a timetable for everyone. How will this plan work out for the Wagles?

193. Time Ki Keemat


Vandana finds out that Rajesh is the bad fish in the pond. Will Rajesh suffer the consequences of his actions, or will Vandana understand his situation?

194. The Saas-Bahu Relationship


Radhika falls apart after she hears what Vandana has to say about their relationship. How will Vandana make it up to her mother-in-law?

195. Vandana's Fake Video


Vandana's fake video gets viral as everyone at Sai Darshan Heights has seen it. How will Vandana and the rest of the family react when they find the truth about the video?

196. A Little Dishonesty


Maya believes that a little dishonesty is required to succeed in every profession. Rajesh and Vandana lay out an elaborate plan to teach Maya a lesson.

197. Exchanging Parents


Atharva and Vidyut win a competition in school and demand rewards from their parents. Vidyut wants a party and Atharva wants a subscription for an online game. When they don't get what they want, they decide to exchange parents. How will the grown-ups react to this idea?

198. Atharva Refuses To Come Back


Atharva refuses to return to his house and tells Vandana that he is settled in Vidyut's house. As the parents get worried, they try to think of ways to convince Athrava to return home after his brief rebellious stint.

199. Radhika's Special Guests


Radhika invites some special guests for a feast at her home. Sakhi gets upset when her grandmother bans her from the kitchen for four days.

200. Sakhi Need Not Apologise


Rajesh wants Sakhi to apologise to Kalyani mausi, but Sakhi makes it clear that she isn't wrong. Sakhi explains the shame and pain women feel when they get called impure during their periods. Will Rajesh finally see Sakhi's point and realise his mistake?

201. Srinivas' Pedicure


The Doctor suggests that Rajesh should help Srinivas keep his foot clean. Rajesh books a pedicure appointment for Srinivas, who keeps cancelling it.

202. Unexpected Kharche


Rajesh questions Vandana about how she runs the household. With Rajesh's behaviour deeply upsetting her, how will Rajesh cheer her up?

203. Handling Expenses


It is Rajesh's first day of tracking household expenses. After suffering from a minor setback, Rajesh encounters an interesting problem.

204. Beti Ya Boss


Sakhi runs into an accident with Rajesh's boss, who later mistreats Sakhi at the dinner party. Who will Rajesh support after finding out the truth?

205. Joshipura Ka Andaaz


Dakshesh, the society secretary, installs cameras in the elevator for security. The other members of the society disagree with his methods of keeping Sai Darshan Heights safe.

206. Thappad Se Darr Nahi Lagta


Despite having a loving mother-son relationship, Vandana loses her calm and slaps Atharva. How will this affect the family dynamics?

207. Atharva Gets Blamed


Two suspicious men try to enter the Sai Darshan Heights. Atharva refuses to apologise after Vandana blames him for every little mistake.

208. Atharva Kidnapped


Atharva gets kidnapped on his way home. Rajesh and Vandana get anxious as they worry about his safety.

209. Atharva In Danger


Harshad and Jyoti get a call from a nursing home telling them about Vidyut's condition. Rajesh shows everyone the letter that Atharva left behind.

210. Atharva's Ransom


The kidnappers ask Atharva to cooperate till they get their money. The Wagles feel helpless when they hear that they have to pay 4 crores to get Atharva back.

211. Together We Stand


Atharva cooperates with the kidnapper's demands. CID Agent Ranade arrives at the Sai Darshan Heights to help find Atharva.

212. Finding Atharva


Everyone at Sai Darshan Heights put their heads together to find Atharva. Will Atharva manage to outsmart his kidnappers?

213. Atharva Mil Jayega


Jyoti offers her entire life savings to pay the kidnappers to get Atharva back. The CID agent finds that the kidnappers haven't left the Navi Mumbai area.

214. Atharva Makes A Run For It


Atharva gets his hands on a phone and calls his father, but Rajesh misses the call. Will the police lose the opportunity to rescue Atharva because of Rajesh's mistake?

215. Atharva Rescued


Rajesh calls everyone at home with Atharva by his side and gives them the good news. Sakhi gets extremely anxious and confronts her mother.

216. Bhay Ka Saya


Vandana makes a mistake and Sakhi has to step up to fill in her shoes. Atharva deals with post-traumatic stress. Will the Wagles get through these stressful times?

217. Rajesh Dreams Of Sai Baba


In Rajesh's dream, Sai Baba prophecies that Rajesh will meet God in one form or the other. The Wagles and friends' tour to attend an aarti but come across a hurdle. Will they get to the temple on time?

218. Aarti Ke Time Confusion


As the Wagles prepare to perform the aarti, a rich man comes and tries to take their spot. How will the Wagles deal with this issue and fulfil their mannat?

219. Jeevan Ka Swaad


Rajesh thanks his father for sponsoring the incredible trip to the temple. Jyoti and Harshad regret their decision for staying in a different hotel from the rest of the group.

220. Sone Ki Saree


Vandana and Radhika decide to exchange their old sarees for some utensils. Rajesh later finds out that the saree was embroidered with authentic 24-carat gold. What will happen next?

221. Radhika Wants The Saree Back


Radhika loses her composure after finding out the truth about the saree. She sets out to retrieve it with the help of Jyoti and Harshad. Will she be able to retrieve her saree?

222. Sakhi Ke Saath Pakshpaat


Sakhi gets depressed when she is not chosen for a dance competition. How will Rajesh help his daughter overcome this situation?

223. Sakhi's Dance Off


Rajesh apologises for spewing lies to Sakhi's dance teacher after discovering the truth about Sakhi's rejection from the dance team. Sakhi finds a way to enter the dance-off with her partner Vivaan.

224. Rajesh's Hangover


With Vandana deciding to stay over at her parent's house, Rajesh decides to have a boy night at his house. Rajesh wakes up to realise that all his friends have passed out shirtless on the floor. What could have possibly happened?

225. Sakhi's Houseparty


In the absence of her parents, Sakhi's friends come over to her house. How will Sakhi handle the situation when Rajesh comes back unexpectedly?

226. Welcoming Vandana Back


Rajesh plans a grand welcome for Vandana, who is coming back home after four days. Things take a dark turn when Sai Darshan Society loses power in the middle of Rajesh and Vandana's date.

227. Fire In The Hearts


Rajesh and Harshad get into an argument over something that Atharva does. With their homes burning into ashes, Rajesh and Harshad's argument turns into a never-ending fight. Will they resolve their issues or lose a friend?

228. Who Would You Save?


Rajesh asks an interesting question to his friends. Rajesh and Harshad's fight continues, as they have to spend another night with each other.

229. Truth About The Fire


The skilled members from the fire department arrive at Sai Darshan to help find answers. How will everyone react when they find out that Harshad was responsible for this debacle?

230. Ek Nahi Paanch Santa


The Wagles are excited about Christmas and prepare to celebrate the eve. However, they receive a surprise when not one but five secret Santa show up at their doorstep. Who could they be and what gifts do they bring?

231. Dabbo Ki Adla Badli


Vandana cooks a fusion meal for Rajesh and sends it to his office through Mumbai's famous delivery service. However, Rajesh receives the wrong lunchbox at work. Will this exchange bring new problems?

232. Offer From Cook Tadka


Vandana decides to help her delivery guy to get immediate medical attention. A mystery man offers Vandana a huge reward. Will Vandana accept the offer?

233. Vandana In Cooking Competition


Vandana's dream of participating in a cooking competition may finally come true. All she needs is Rajesh's support, but will his jealousy get in his way?

234. Vandana's Recipe


Everyone loves the dishes that Vandana prepares. However, the judges disapprove of her recipe. What could have gone wrong?

235. Vandana Quits The Cooking Competition


Vandana finds out the truth about the competition and decides not to participate in the final round. The channel head seeks Rajesh's help to bring Vandana back. What skeletons does Vandana uncover?

236. Wagle Parivaar Ka Naya Saal


Vandana gathers everyone at the Sai Darshan Society so they can celebrate the New Year together. However, a call from the bank gets Rajesh worried. How will the family welcome the new year?

237. How Rajesh Met Vandana


Rajesh and Vandana narrate the story of the time they first met each other. Sakhi suggests that everyone should help each other to make new year's resolutions.

238. New Year New Challenges


Everyone at Sai Darshan Heights is happy to welcome the New Year by taking resolution. The New Year has also brought new problems for Rajesh at work. How will Rajesh tackle these challenges?

239. Harry's Motives


Radhika finds out that BRS Bank is giving 1.5% more interest on their FD and tries to convince Srinivas to change banks. Kiara and Rajesh are confused as to why Harry is helping them. Does Harry have any ulterior motives?

240. Harry Makes His Move


Everyone at Sai Darshan Heights put their heads together to cut the losses they incurred because of the bank scam. Harry takes over Rajesh's company and creates new problems in the office.

241. The Advocate Joshi


With no one to turn to, the members of Sai Darshan Heights elect Advocate Joshi to help them with the bank scam. However, a mysterious individual tries to provoke his friends against him. Who could this man be?

242. Rajesh's New Responsibilities


With the schools reopened, Atharva and Vidyut face bullying on the campus. Meanwhile, the changes in the company's structure have put a lot of responsibilities on Rajesh's shoulders.

243. Father And Son Face Troubles


Rajesh's problems at work keep increasing when Harry asks him to take more workload. Atharva gets troubled in school as his peers make fun of him. How will the father and son overcome these challenges?

244. Rajesh's New Team Member


Harry brings a new team member who will become a cause of frustration for Rajesh. However, Atharva's sweet gesture motivates Rajesh to face his challenges.

245. Jyoti's Treatment Goes Wrong


Harshad makes comments about Jyoti's appearance that hurts her feelings. After Jyoti makes a terrible decision, the women of Sai Darshan Heights band together to support her.

246. Supporting Jyoti


Harshad's aggression towards Jyoti gets out of hand. How will her friends from Sai Darshan Heights find a way to help them?

247. Sakhi's Protest


In the spirit of Makar Sankranti, Atharva decides to open a kite stall. However, Sakhi's protest causes problems for his brother. How will the Wagle siblings resolve their differences?

248. Sai Darshan Ki Adalat


Sakhi and Atharva's divided views on Makar Sankranti causes tension between them. With Vandana as the judge, the members of Sai Darshan Heights run a mock trial to help the siblings fight their case fairly.

249. Purani Ghadi Ka Kissa


Srinivas finds an antique watch that might fetch him a ton of money. However, a guest shows up at his doorstep claiming ownership of the watch. What will Srinivas do?

250. Radhika Fires Asha


After a heated argument, Radhika decides to fire Asha and do the household chores herself. How will Asha and the junior Wagles handle the situation?

251. No Asha In Sai Darshan Heights


Dakshesh escalates the fight with Asha after he bans her entry into the Sai Darshan Heights. With Asha absent from the building, everyone faces issues with taking care of their household chores.

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