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Image Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love With a Pervert, As Long As She's a Cutie?

Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love With a Pervert, As Long As She's a Cutie?

Release Date 2019-09-23
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Animation
Stars Hiro Shimono, Ayana Taketatsu, Rina Hidaka, Iori Nomizu, Kaede Hondo
Directors Kenichi Yamashita, Itsuki Imazaki, Risuko Sasakama, Kazuto Horikawa, Ayaka Ohashi

A high school student whose years of not having a girlfriend is his age, Keiki Kiryuu, suddenly receives a love letter. He is happy he can finally have a girlfriend, but is also surprised because not only is there no sender name but also included is white underwear…??? The cute girls who gather around him are all weird and with reasons!? Who is the Cinderella who sent the underwear?

1. Cinderella Dropped Her Panties?!


Keiki Kiryu is a kind-hearted high school student surrounded by attractive girls. One day, he finds a love letter with no sender information, other than a pair of panties. Keiki begins his investigation by speaking to his senpai, Sayuki.

2. Indecisive Prince?!


Keiki's investigation reveals that the senpai he looks up to is a huge pervert, but it doesn't stop him from pushing forward. There are other suspects to interrogate! He approaches his kohai Yuika, a cute and supportive student librarian.

3. Cinderella is Shy!?


After Sayuki, it's Yuika's turn to reveal her true nature to Keiki. Our hero is now targeted by two girls and still has no idea who Cinderella may be. Between domination and servitude, will he find love?

4. Cinderella Can't Come Out!?


Keiki continues to receive mixed messages from Mao. Could she be the elusive Cinderella, or is she in love with someone else? Keiki decides that he must confront Mao directly to find out.

5. Operation: Koharu is a first-year student


Keiki's search for someone who truly loves him, not as the object of a perverted fantasy, hits another dead end. However, another unsigned letter grabs his attention, although this time, it's blackmail.

6. Cinderella came falling down?!


Keiki works with Koharu to help her win Shoma's heart, but Keiki's attention is diverted by another Cinderella suspect - student council vice-chairperson Ayano Fujimoto. Could she be the one, true, non-perverted secret crush?

7. Operation: Koharu is a first-year student - Conclusion


Another Cinderella candidate turned out to be a pervert. Keiki must now turn his attention away from his own concerns and help Koharu. She must find the courage to tell Shoma her true intentions - and her true age.

8. The Prince lost his panties?!


With the situation between Koharu and Shoma settled, Keiki resumes his own mission to seek out the elusive Cinderella. Before he can do anything, however, Sayuki and Yuika drop by for a surprise visit.

9. Operation: Keiki is a master now!!


The Cinderella panties have gone missing, prompting Keiki to step up his investigation. As a first step, he decides to spend a day with Sayuki - on a date, not as her friend or kohai, but as her master.

10. The Prince became a Slave?!


Keiki's attempt to seach for evidence in Yuika's underwear drawer backfires terribly, but he is still able to investigate her. Can he finally confirm Cinderella's identity?

11. Cinderella took off her swimwear?!


A single photo and a simple change in perspective allows Keiki to deduce who Cinderella is. He begins an elaborate plan to prove it, and catch Cinderella with her panties on.

12. Can you fall in love with a pervert, as long as she's a cutie?


Until now, Keiki's concern has been about whether or not he can fall in love with a person with certain quirks. But now he must choose whether or not he is willing to jeopardize an existing relationship.