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Image Operation Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur

Operation Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur

Release Date 2019-07-04
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Directors Ken Naito

Based on Square Enix's massively multi-player online role-playing game.

1. Rebel into the Past


6 Arthurs and their support fairies are sent on a mission into the past. In order to save the future, they must face and fight one million Arthurs.

2. The Forbidden Sacred Sword


Renkin is upset after being treated like a child, but a scholarly bookworm sees right through her. Will she be able to handle trouble all on her own?

3. Fists of Fury


Tekken and Kakka infiltrate a mine to look for an Excalibur but it seems too good to be true. A little more digging reveals a troubling secret.

4. With Love from the Sacred Land


Yamaneko visits a sacred land for fans of her favorite idol, but her hopes of saving the city are shot down by a vengeful vegetarian sniper.

5. A Rotten Art


When Kakka is forced to cross-dress to sneak into an all-girls school, he has an unfortunate brush with the art club which reveals their twisted perversions.

6. The Arthur Who Fished for Stars


The girls are having some fun in the sun until a swimsuit thief starts running wild. Can they capture the culprit before everyone is fully exposed?

7. Rosebud


Rurou gets swept down a river and Bethor has declared him dead. Even when history changes for the better, the mission to destroy Excaliburs must go on.

8. Call Us Magical Girls


A trio of girls with magical powers fight to protect their city. To break their Excaliburs and correct history, the heroes must become the bad guys.

9. Within the Beautiful Light


Tekken encounters an idol who is being chased by her fanatic fans. Luckily for her, Tekken feels obligated to help and becomes her temporary bodyguard.

10. Despair for the Future


When the odds are stacked against them, the group must decide to flee or fight. However, a lopsided battle ends up being the least of their worries.

11. The Legend Fairy


After their encounter with Pharsalia, the team abandons ship. Now it's up to their one-and-only leader to corral the crew and complete their mission.

12. Failure as a Leader


Since Dancho won't take things seriously, Rurou and Kakka go off on their own. But she'll do whatever it takes to earn their trust and will fight to get them back.

13. Goodbye, Yama


The team looks far and wide to find Yamaneko, but she's already become a changed person. Dancho is forced to say goodbye to the Yama she loves so dearly.

14. Shivering Secret Hot Springs


Like Yamaneko found out, not all hot springs are equal. But that doesn't stop everyone else from taking a dip and creating problems of their own.

15. I Love Tasty Stuff


When a gourmet destination turns out to be a dump, Dancho and crew put their cooking skills to the test in a cuisine showdown versus one snobby chef.

16. Utahime is Here! Rah! Rah! Rah!


Imagine Yamaneko's delight when Utahime stops by for a visit. But as Yamaneko founds out, there's more to her favorite idol than meets the eye.

17. Captain Dancho


Dancho and the others are forced to the field for a game of soccer. Can they somehow manage to work together and defeat the best team in Britain?

18. Altered History


A city is at war due to opposing views. Kakka seems determined to do the right thing, even if it means abandoning both team and mission.

19. Stolen Excalibur


After all that happened, Kakka is in a hurry to prove himself. But when things go amiss and someone gets hurt, he digs deep for power within.

20. Watch out, Little Red Riding Hood


Despite all her research, Renkin isn't the first to successfully Fairy Combine. But when she storms off to hit the books again, she is swiftly wooed by a persuasive prince.

21. The Journey to Combine


The stakes are raised when an Excalibur is detected in Britain's largest casino city. But they aren't having much luck finding it until Bethor goes all-in.

22. Demise of Legend


Desperate to Fairy Combine, Dancho lands herself in a pinch with Tekken. What's more, a dreadful enemy threatens to destroy everyone on the spot.

23. Into the Rebel Future


The team must look deep within to answer the big decision ahead of them. Will Dancho and the team flee to the future or fight Pharsalia and unite as one?

24. Farewell, Beloved Dancho


When the Arthurs are peeped on and groped, naturally, they blame Dancho. Can she convince the others of her innocence before they exile her for good?