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Image Kamen Rider Saber × Ghost

Kamen Rider Saber × Ghost

Release Date 2021-05-23
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
Stars Syuichiro Naito, Asuka Kawazu, Koki Uchiyama, Shun Nishime, Mio Kudo
Directors Koichi Sakamoto, Takuro Fukuda

Touma and Mei find a girl who is looking for her brother. When they try to talk to her, she is attacked by Desast and runs away. Why is Desast after her? Meanwhile, as he’s looking for Kanon, Takeru Tenkuji finds survivors of Danton’s experiments and vows he won’t let them be sad like Chloe was. When he goes off to look for more survivors, he runs into Touma and Mei…