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Image Azure Striker Gunvolt

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Release Date 2017-02-09
Runtime 21 minutes
Genres Science Fiction, Animation
Stars Kaito Ishikawa, Megu Sakuragawa, Masashi Yukita, Moemi Otaka, Haruki Ishiya
Directors Shigeru Murakoshi, Yoshinori Odaka, Yoshinori Odaka, Yoshinori Odaka, Toshiaki Tai

In the near future, the existence of "Adepts," people who possess extraordinary abilities known as "Septimal Powers," has caused widespread chaos around the world. In the nation of Japan, order and peace is maintained by a large conglomerate known as the Sumeragi Group. One group known as QUILL (Quorum for Unrestricted Information, Law, and Liberty) pledged to revolt against the Sumeragi Group.