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Image Marlon Brando: An Actor Named Desire

Marlon Brando: An Actor Named Desire

Release Date 2014-09-20
Runtime 90 minutes
Genres Documentary, TV Movie
Stars Thierry Hancisse, Robert Duvall, George Englund, Patricia Bosworth, Ellen Adler
Directors Prudence Arndt, Nathalie Durand, Philippe Kohly, Philippe Kohly, Rémi Berge

In his early days as an actor, Marlon Brando (1924-2004) was a shy young man with theatrical ambitions, like many others; but his charisma and superb acting skills made him truly unique, so that the doors to the starry sky of Hollywood opened for him. However, his peculiar manners, political commitment and complicated love life always overshadowed his artistic success.