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Image Trespassing Bergman

Trespassing Bergman

Release Date 2013-08-28
Runtime 108 minutes
Genres Documentary
Stars Tomas Alfredson, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Harriet Andersson, Pernilla August
Directors Jane Magnusson, Göran Olsson, Göran Olsson, Fatima Varhos, Hynek Pallas

In the sixties, Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) built a house on the remote island of Fårö, located in the Baltic Sea, eighty nautical miles off the east coast of Sweden. He left Stockholm and went to live there. When he died, the house was preserved. A group of very special cinephiles, came from all over the world, have traveled to Fårö in search of the genius and his legacy. (An edited version of the Swedish mini-series “Bergmans video,” 2012.)